Our Mission:

Education that works.

Walbridge School provides an individualized education program that teaches students with learning differences by teaching to their strengths not their weaknesses. Walbridge is a small school environment where students more fully realize their academic, emotional, and social learning potential

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Our Mission

Walbridge School's mission is to provide an individualized educational program in a small school environment where students more fully realize their academic, emotional, and social learning potential.



Who Goes to Walbridge?

Each student learns differently, so we have designed our educational program to support the learning strengths and meet the challenges of each child. Walbridge is for a small niche of students that have an average or above average IQ and yet struggle with learning due to a specific learning disability or another barrier. Many common challenges for our students are ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, auditory processing, executive function skills, and NLD/NVLD. These students have all found a home and an effective learning environment in our school. Walbridge teachers are specially trained and focused on supporting students with these needs.

Our teachers are not trained nor specifically focused on supporting the specialized needs of students that struggle in school due to emotional/behavioral needs, autism, or cognitive delays.



Teacher Student Ratio

A small student enrollment, Walbridge parents are on a first name basis with faculty, staff, students, and each other. Parents are encouraged to participate in helping make our educational experience be the best possible.



Years helping children grow

Walbridge School was founded in 1986 by a group of parents and educators with children who had not thrived in their previous schools.



children Impacted

Building on each child’s strengths, and recognizing their progress, helps children realize that they are truly valued at school – by the staff and by other students.


Our Programs

Walbridge School provides students with a challenging curriculum experience that also teaches learning strategies for school success. Reaching goals of progressive academic achievement, greater independence, and a solid sense of self-worth is emphasized in our educational program.


What Students Say

You’ve taught me so much. I’m glad I came to Walbridge School. All of you have made an impact on my life. I’m sure I will use the skills you taught me. I’ve seen a lot of people get their diplomas, now it will be my turn.

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