Elementary School

Walbridge School provides students with educational experiences that will increase the likelihood of success in school. Reaching goals of progressive academic achievement, greater independence and a stronger sense of self-worth is emphasized in the development of our educational program. Because the needs of our students differ, it is necessary to offer a number of special options for the children in a highly focused full day program.

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Organization of Classes: The school is organized into multi-age groupings of students with a goal of a student teacher ratio of no more than 10:1 throughout the school day. Students attend school from 8:00 until 1:30 on Monday and from 8:00 to 3:00 Tuesday through Friday.

Academic Objectives: An individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP) is developed for each student at Walbridge School. This plan identifies a student's goals in the academic areas of reading, writing and math as well as learning behaviors and social development. It also outlines the supports and accommodations that will be provided in an effort to ensure success in achieving these goals. (Our academic objectives are guided by the curriculum standards recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Common Core Curriculum.)

Instructional Focus: The curriculum is structured to meet each student's individual goals: personal, social, and academic. The overall program stresses multi-sensory learning, with a combination of techniques and resources utilized to ensure specific skill development and understanding. A combination of instruction, modification, and accommodation is provided in each of the core academic areas. A broad range of instructional strategies coupled with a sensitivity to individual differences better ensures that children will experience success as our educational staff teaches children in the way they learn best.

Standardized Testing: In the spring we administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) to track student growth from year to year. This also ensures that we are teaching students standardized grade level content within our individualized learning framework.

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