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Walbrdge School

Welcome to Walbrdge School

Walbridge School was established in 1986 by educators and parents to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of children who learn differently. Come and learn how Walbridge transforms the lives of students who are unable to thrive or don’t quite seem to fit in other private or public schools. There’s nowhere else like us in Wisconsin. More about Walbridge School >>

What makes Walbridge different?

  • All of our students get individualized learning plans that reflect their unique strengths and challenges;
  • We use flexible learning groups because everyone is stronger in some subjects than in others;
  • As a small school with fewer than twelve students in each class, Walbridge is a safe and supportive place to learn and grow;
  • We serve students from elementary through high school and customize curriculum to each student’s abilities and needs, not just their age;
  • Our teachers have specialized formal education and experience working with students who have learning challenges;
  • We teach students strategies to achieve academic success while providing a challenging academic curriculum.

More about Walbridge Academics

Who goes to Walbridge?

There is no typical Walbridge student. Each student learns differently, so we have designed our educational program to support the learning strengths and meet the challenges of each child. Many children in our school have learning challenges (such as ADD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, or NLD/NVLD). Others were bullied or did not learn well in large classes or feel at home in crowded hallways milling with hundreds of students. Yet these students have all found a home and an effective learning environment in our school.

Does Walbridge work?

Although our students come to us struggling to thrive in their schools, many of our former students have gone on to become professors, pharmacists, medical professionals, business owners, managers or teachers. Most importantly, Walbridge is a school where students reclaim the self-esteem and self-confidence that they often lost in their prior schooling.


“This is my first year as a Walbridge parent, and it has given me much joy to watch my daughter become a more confident and capable learner. On top of that, it has been a pleasure getting to know an amazing, dedicated group of teachers, staff and parents.”    More Testimonials >>

It’s never too late or too soon to support learning at Walbridge School. And it’s easy! Visit our page to learn about the ways to contribute. Volunteer services, donations, and gifts from our wish list are always welcome and appreciated! You can make a difference in children’s lives!


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