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After frustrating struggles in other school settings, parents are often surprised by the positive changes they see in their children as they begin to experience learning success at Walbridge School.


What Parents Say

This is my first year as a Walbridge parent, and it has given me much joy to watch my daughter become a more confident and capable learner. On top of that, it has been a pleasure getting to know an amazing, dedicated group of teachers, staff and parents.

You helped our daughter develop strategies and learning approaches to cope with severe dyslexic problems so that she could develop to the best of her abilities. Walbridge did this in an amazing way and she is one of your success stories.

Our son was more engaged and less worried about what other people thought because it was clear that everyone worked at their own level and that was fine.

Walbridge worked with Josh’s disabilities and helped him find ways around them.

Our daughter had high IQ scores, but she just wasn’t able to read. We had worked with tutors and teachers to try to find solutions, and while some interventions worked at some level, nothing flipped the switch for Megan until she attended Walbridge.

Walbridge met my child at his academic level and filled the gaps in his previous education.

Our daughter learned traits and processes that helped her merge back into a public school classroom after a couple of years of education at Walbridge.

It [enrollment at Walbridge] was the best move we made for our son, his gain in confidence was huge.

The staff empowered Ben, helped him learn how he best learned, gauging what he could do on his own, first creating a firm foundation, and then building upon it.

Walbridge is a model school for teaching children with learning differences and it is prized by me as a parent.

Each student got the specific help they needed.

Building on each child’s strengths, and recognizing their progress, helps children realize that they are truly valued at school by the staff and by other students.

What Students Say

The teachers were so happy, energetic and positive…they made schoolwork into a fun game. They took fear of making mistakes out of the equation.

I feel smart at Walbridge.

The teachers always help me, they really care about me.

I couldn’t even read when I came to Walbridge and now I’m graduating from college with a second degree.

You’ve taught me so much. I’m glad I came to Walbridge School. All of you have made an impact on my life. I’m sure I will use the skills you taught me. I’ve seen a lot of people get their diplomas, now it will be my turn.

What Students Say
What Students Say

Walbridge students have gone on to attend many high schools including the following:

Walbridge High School Program, Madison
East High School, Madison
Edgewood High School, Madison
Mount Horeb High School, Mount Horeb
Memorial High School, Madison
West High School, Madison
Verona High School, Verona
Wisconsin Heights High School, Mazomanie
Sauk Prairie High School, Sauk City
Monona Grove High School, Monona
La Follette High School, Madison

Walbridge students have gone on to attend many colleges and universities, including the following:

Edgewood College
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison College (MATC)
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Smith College
Brown University
Herzing University
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Iowa State University


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