Throughout the school year, NWEA MAPS testing will be administered.  The testing is administered by individuals that are trained in the administration of these tests. The NWEA MAPS tests are nationally normed and widely used tools designed to assess skills important to school performance. 


They provide a way to measure individual academic growth. Testing is administered with parent/guardian permission.  The purpose of this is to monitor student progress and to serve as a guideline in determining the curriculum level that is most appropriate for each student. 


Ongoing informal assessment occurs in the classroom on a regular basis.  Parents/guardians seeking private testing, IEP eligibility or IEP re-evaluations through the public school are advised to notify the Director of Education at Walbridge School.



The Walbridge teachers and Orton-Gillinham certified tutors provide one-on-one tutoring after school for those children who need additional academic support. This service is open to enrolled students and to children attending other schools and is based on teacher/tutor availability.